Hi! I'm Tobey and my mom is writing this for me. I live with my sister, Daisy. We do lots of fun things everyday.

My other sister, Teg, was my best friend. I think about her all the time and that makes me happy.

I have 5 people and you know who they are! I really miss the ones that aren't here ... so this is for you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

Next to Halloween, I love Valentine's Day.

Not just because I look really good in red …

This is the day I like to remember all of my favorite friends.

Kevin John
Mom and Dad and GMA

and Max.
 Did you know Max is my new BFF?
We're going to spend almost 2 weeks together when we get to vacation at his house later this week.  
Oops - did I say WE?
Daisy doesn't get to go cause she's a runner AND annoying.
She's going to Bloomington and she'll be Madeline's problem.

Mom and Dad are leaving me with GMA cause they have to do some important work.
That's OK with me.  Max is my kinda guy and GMA is probably my very tip top Valentine of all time.

Alright, maybe I'm easily bought off with cheese.
 I heart GMA.

 This will be my command post soon enough.

Except when GMA wants to sit - then I'll be on her lap.

Feast your eyes and drool.

Yep, it's a tempurpedic.

AND I've been told there's a heating pad somewhere under the covers.

Mom and Dad who?

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