Hi! I'm Tobey and my mom is writing this for me. I live with my sister, Daisy. We do lots of fun things everyday.

My other sister, Teg, was my best friend. I think about her all the time and that makes me happy.

I have 5 people and you know who they are! I really miss the ones that aren't here ... so this is for you.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Went to Gma's house today to do some visiting.
(Yep, we're a little out of synch with the holidays.
Unfortunately these are the only sweaters we have.  Our old ones are too short and tight.
So we're going to rock the pumpkins for a while longer.)

Found my favorite toy as soon as we arrived.

 It's hard to enjoy a little nibbling when you have to keep looking over your shoulder.

 Daisy and Max don't understand boundaries.

 Still, it tastes a bit sweeter knowing everyone wants some.

On the way home, Mom noticed  all these hairs.
Max shed all over me.

Kind of ironic isn't it?

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  1. We think you are rockin' those sweaters! They look so nice on you. Believe me, you can still wear pumpkin this time of year.

    We're glad you had a wonderful time.

    Lily Belle & Muffin