Hi! I'm Tobey and my mom is writing this for me. I live with my sister, Daisy. We do lots of fun things everyday.

My other sister, Teg, was my best friend. I think about her all the time and that makes me happy.

I have 5 people and you know who they are! I really miss the ones that aren't here ... so this is for you.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I get nervous sometimes.
Mom says I'm regressing.  I am SO sorry.  I can't help it.  I've been thinking of Kevin John and really missing him.  The only thing that helps is to pretend that I'm snuggin under the covers with him and then ... I just completely forget myself!  Kevin would always let me do it and I haven't had a good chew in a LONG time and once I get started, I just can't stop until that little piece of delicious, wet blankie is perfectly round and ... in my mouth.  :(

I didn't even do it at home.  Last week we went to Grandma's house and she had a brand new Lands End blanket.  I didn't plan on doing it but before I knew it the blankie was in my mouth and it tasted so good.  It relaxes me ...

I love GMA ... she kept on smiling!

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