Hi! I'm Tobey and my mom is writing this for me. I live with my sister, Daisy. We do lots of fun things everyday.

My other sister, Teg, was my best friend. I think about her all the time and that makes me happy.

I have 5 people and you know who they are! I really miss the ones that aren't here ... so this is for you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Manna from Heaven

Yeah! Mom came back from visiting Grandma. The best part - Grandma sent us these little green chew sticks that look like toothbrushes. They are sooo delicious. Mom only gives them to us if we sit together very still and are nice waiters. I think they are called Greenies. If any body has some of these at home and doesn't want them, PLEASE send them to us!! Do no throw them away. We can meet you halfway if you live in a 500 mile radius. Daisy won't come because she doesn't like car rides, but I'll help Teg get in the car and she and I'll be there (with mom). OMG ... I need more.

1 comment:

  1. TEG!!! You look great!!! Miss you!

    You look great, too, Tobey...

    I'll bring the Greenies this summer if I get to see you all!