Hi! I'm Tobey and my mom is writing this for me. I live with my sister, Daisy. We do lots of fun things everyday.

My other sister, Teg, was my best friend. I think about her all the time and that makes me happy.

I have 5 people and you know who they are! I really miss the ones that aren't here ... so this is for you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventure Day

Mom took me and Daisy for a ride in the car today.  It was sooo nice because mom brought our beds with us and we cuddled in the front seat next to her.

We went to the groomers to pick up Teg.  It was sooo much fun.  We got to see a kitty with her 2 kittens.  And I wasn't afraid at all.

I thought this was just going to be a "pick up Teg" trip - but nope - we had to get our nails trimmed.  You would have been soo proud of me - I didn't scream once!

Daisy did pretty well, too.  Though I thought I saw her shaking a bit.

We were really tired on the way home ...


  1. This could be one of my Top 3 all time favorite posts.

  2. Thanks! They were so good and it truly was a fun adventure.